Mae Ya Carter-Ryan Biography

Written by Nathaniel Rodgers, Assignment Editor, CBS 2 Broadcast Center 22 West Washington Street Chicago, Illinois 60602]

Mae Ya Carter Ryan, born June 22, 2201 is a tweleve year old gifted vocalist unlike any other yet noted in history, she has a magnificent sense of pitch and a powerful yet velvety voice. She is a self taught musical prodigy that arranges her versions of each song she performs, ad-libbing the vocals and the music. Mae Ya has studied the Suzuki method of piano and viola and recently decided to focus more on her singing.

Having grown up with a family so devoted to jazz that they literally owned as many albums as a substanital music store. Mae Ya was exposed to the "best". At age four and a half years old Mae Ya began to listen to music legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Mahalia Jackson and more. Her dedicated interest in singing began after a CD of jazz, gospel and RB music was made in memory of her late grandparents who were advert music lovers.

In her mother's grieving of her now deceased parents she played this CD constantly, leaving Mae Ya no choice to listen to anything else.

At age 7, Mae Ya asked her mother if she could take voice lessons, her mother said yes, but, didn't give her lessons until she heard Mae Ya sing a year later at age 8. Even at that time her mother could not find any school to accept Mae Ya because of her age. Her mother was was told Mae Ya was to young and she could damage her vocal cords, so her mother went on line for lessons, and became her 1st vocal couch until she was able to find a real couch many months later.

Her mother recalls Mae Ya telling her one day that she would like to sing jazz, she was shocked and asked her to repeat what she said. Mae Ya repeated what she said very slowly saying” I want to sing Jazz, gospel and a little pop like Whitney Houston”.
Mae Ya loves all genres of music and has started classical training. It is clear to anyone that hears her that Mae Ya is a lover of all genres of music.

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November, 2013